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Cloudeht InfoAve Rants- Essays and Rants on Life and the Internet And now, with this farewell Rant, I draw the essay series to a close. Thundercloud and Ehtball RANT - Cloudeht Internet LLC. These pontifications and musings range from real "rants" to essays about life, family, and the.

Chuck Doswell's Essays Page - Guess what three students turned in as their proposed topics (this was for points, so I'm pretty sure they weren't doing it as a joke)! Especially cloud seeding for suppression of severe weather 27 September 2000; An essay rant? about models, research, and forecasting 25 October 2000.

Top Myths of Renaissance Martial Arts & Mockingbird became my favorite comic this year for a variety of reasons (feminist, funny, fantastic). Top Myths of Renaissance Martial Arts The diverse range of misconceptions and erroneous beliefs within historical fencing studies today is considerable.

Ep 9 Essay Rant Professor Awesome's University Description: This essay is a double-barrelled look at Tolkien’s remarkable creation, the fantasy race of orcs, examining them on two levels; what Tolkien’s orcs have meant to the genre of fantasy writing, and what Tolkien intended his orcs to be – including the answers about the orcs’ facts of life. Ep 9 Essay Rant. Leave a comment. Wherein Professor Awesome goes mad and rants about the purpose of essays, and how to write a good one. SFW, but not.

Harlan Ellison's Wonderful Rant on Why Writers Should Always Get. Occasionally I’m asked how I’ve managed to write 69 essays in a row about anything, let alone something as apparently mundane as daily life around my windy corner of the hh desert. Nobody understands this better than Harlan Ellison, the hugely prolific author of novels, stories, essays screenplays, comic books, usually in.

Essay about Ranting Good Rant - 831 Words Majortests The aggression, reverence and distrust among different races, countries, and relious appellations, however do not make peaceful co-existence an easily achieved goal. I consider myself as one of the luckiest people in the whole wide world even though I pretty much don't get everything that I want. Read this essay on Ranting Good Rant. Exclusive from

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