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Watch THR's 2015 Oscar Round Tables -- Vulture Edgar"), Oren Moverman, 45 ("Rampart"), Eric Roth, 66 ("Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"), Aaron Sorkin, 50 ("Moneyball") and Steven Zaillian, 58 ("The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "Moneyball") -- discussed their insecurities, how Oscar winners can collaborate and what they would do if they couldn't write. Almodovar: I made a movie about someone that wants to impersonate a transvestite ["Bad Education"]. I don't know if directors ever ask you to change something. Sorkin: My very first movie was "A Few Good Men," which was an adaptation of my play. But my wife [Debra Greenfield] was actually a producer on that. Steven and Aaron, you share credit on "Moneyball." Did you talk to each other? This very dramatic event had just happened with "Moneyball" [when director Steven Soderbergh was fired shortly before production was to begin], and they wanted me to work on it. Roth: I have a really old MOBI program [from the company] that went out of business. One place that was important for me not to start was seeing the Swedish movie. THR: Orhan Pamuk, the Turkish novelist who won a Nobel Prize, said writing is about solving problems, as opposed to pure creativity. Sorkin: There's a drive shaft that you have to build. Somebody wants something, and something formidable is standing in their way of getting it. If you've found that spine, hopefully at the end of the day you have a movie instead of just a timeline. Craft of acting, you'll love The Hollywood Reporter's yearly round tables. A writers' round table featuring Top Five's Chris Rock, Chef's Jon.

Watch Hollywood Reporter's Full, Uncensored Comedy Actress. Spending an hour with a collection of people who created some of the most celebrated films of the year is really a thrill. We always hope to learn a little something from the people we admire, and an hour long conversation with them is a perfect way to get that. A weekend TV-programming note Check out The Hollywood Reporter‘s acclaimed roundtable series Sundays on SundanceTV.

Watch The Hollywood Reporter’s Producers and Writers Roundtables. Let’s take a look at what these filmmakers had to say about the current state of the film industry. Tarantino shares his thoughts on the theater-going experience and Iñárritu shares his belief that all the best indie filmmakers are moving to television. Top producers and scribes take center stage in The Hollywood Reporter‘s Producers and Writers Roundtables, which air. Roundtable 6 Composers on Dealing.

The 'Hollywood Reporter' Director Roundtable Is Everything That's. Is in full awards season mode when their annual award season roundtables start going up. The 'Hollywood Reporter' Director Roundtable Is Everything That's Wrong. they mht've invited the exciting young writer/director of one of the.

Watch 2015 Oscar Writers Roundtable with Nolan, Flynn, Rock. Together they sit around and talk about all things related to filmmaking, from their own processes to their influences. You know The Hollywood Reporter is in full awards season mode when their annual award season roundtables start going up. Spending an.

The 2016 Oscar Roundtables Are Better Than Film School But not once during the lively hourlong discussion at Hemingway's Lounge in Hollywood did the subject of awards or accolades come up. Frankly, I don't want the director to have to make any decisions except to say "action" and "cut." You want the script as tht as it can possibly be before the first day of rehearsal and certainly before the first day of shooting. THR: What's the first step in your writing process? And then I have this very small table in my house and I arrange them into something that fits … (Laughter.) Zaillian: If there's one thing that I think everybody would agree on is that the Oscars are too long. I think you would find that the greatest moments in the Oscars, aside from who's winning and who's not, are tributes that really say, "Hey, film is the one truly indenous American art form. Of the film industry from The Hollywood Reporter's 2016 Oscar roundtables. cinematographers, producers, animators, writers, and more.

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