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Medial pivot knee prothesis

Genes - Knee Prosthesis 20mg / day - often bilateral Idiopathic - incidence of hypercoagulability - alcohol probably related to most idiopathic Trauma - displaced subcapital - dislocation Gout, Gaucher's Rheumatoid, radiation Infection, increased lipids, inflamm (arteritis) Pancreatitis, pregnancy SLE, Sickle cell, smoking CRF, chemotherapy, Caisson Fat Embolism Theory Alteration in lipid metabolism - fat emboli have been demonstrated in subchondral arterioles in femoral head in patients on steroids - steroids increases fat stores in liver, bm, blood Lipocyte hypertrophy theory Increased bone marrow fat stores & lipocyte hypertrophy - increased bone marrow pressure - leads to decreased blood flow - lipid lowering drugs shown to improve femoral head blood flow - may represent a compartment syndrome - Gaucher, leukaemia Accumulative stress theory Kenzora & Glimcher - suggests AVN multifactorial - accumulative insult - eg alcohol, steroids, illness Multiple hit theory Either have cumulative dose response reaching threshold for AVN eg many different insults Susceptible individual exposed to aetiological factor - attempts to explain why small ETOH or steroids causes AVN in some but not others A. Genes - <strong>Knee</strong> Prosthesis
The effect of hydroxyapatite on the micromotion of total knee prostheses. A prospective, randomized, double-blind study 13. Polyethylene wear particle generation in vivo in an alumina medial pivot total knee prosthesis 14.

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Medial-pivot prosthesis Product Tags JSOA Online Aumiller is a PA student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg, Tex. <u>Medial</u>-<u>pivot</u> prosthesis Product Tags JSOA Online
Medial-pivot prosthesis. Showing all 2 results. Medium-Term Results of Total Knee Arthroplasty Using a Medially Pivoting Implant A Multicenter Study. .00 Add to cart. Product Tags.

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MicroPort's Medial-Pivot Knee System's proprietary ball-in-socket mechanism provides stability.

Medial pivot knee prothesis:

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